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Optimise images without having to use software like Photoshop

Next generation image processing capabilities with advanced image loading techniques to easily and completely optimise image loading for your websites.

Website Optimised Images Without the Work

Image Optimisation is the process of generating right-sized images, image formats and reducing the file size of your website’s images as much as possible without sacrificing the quality or resolution. If this is not done, your website will perform badly and take longer to load.

Typically, when creating images for websites, you need to manually create optimised variations for different screen sizes and devices. You also need to pay some attention to compression which plays a huge role in image optimisation. To achieve decent website performance with images there is a lot of work required, not to mention image software skills!

We build websites and web apps using modern technology, one such framework we use takes all the hard work and hassle out of image optimisation, allowing you to upload your images and leave the heavy lifting of image optimisation to your website's build routine.

Instead of manually creating different size variants of an image to use on different device screen sizes. The frameworks we use can create these variations for you automatically. Not only does it automatically image right-size for device screens but it also allows you to serve your images up in next generation formats, transform, enhance and re-format images.

Once these images are deployed to your website they are served up using advanced loading techniques which automatically sets up the “blur-up” effect as well as lazy loading of images further down the screen.

The result is simply increased performance and less manual image work!

What you achieve by adopting this framework and technology is simply performance gains! Your website loads super fast and as a result provides higher conversions and ultimately less bounce rates as your audience engages more with your site due to its response times to serving up content amazingly fast.

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Posted: 27 December, 2020

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