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Before employing a website designer / developer, it is essential you do your due diligence. It can be a bit overwhelming, but your website designer / developer should be knowledgeable and support you every step of the way.

Check what you are actually receiving besides the aesthetics. Many websites can look beautiful but may not result in any sales if the performance is slow and they are at the bottom of the rankings. You need to carefully consider what you want to achieve from your website? Do you just want a pretty-looking website, do you want sales, do you want to be on the first page of Google?

First and foremost, always check out the Web Designers OWN website.

  • How does their website look, what is the speed like, do the images take ages to download?
  • How long does it take for the website to be interactive?
  • Can you get to where you need to go immediately? Is it user friendly?
  • Security – is their website secure, what security do they offer?
  • Are their policies up to date?
  • Are they following GDPR rules?
  • Are they following consent rules, or unbeknown to you, are you being tracked?
  • Is the website responsive, does it look good and work correctly on a mobile phone?
  • Look at their Accessibility – would it be difficult for someone who has some visual impairment to read their website?
  • Are all their images labelled for people that rely on audio rather than sight reading?
  • Are there any CTAs - Call to Actions?
  • Is there a comprehensive site map?
  • Is their ‘Contact Us’ obvious?
  • Are they following Google Best Practices, and aware of Core Web Vitals?

Then consider…

  1. How do they build their websites, are they custom built using code or are they just using templates that everyone else uses?
  2. Are they a Web Designer or Web Developer? There is a difference, at Rokit Media we are both!
  3. Do they teach YOU how to update the website?
  4. Do they offer training in SEO? You need to have an SEO Strategy in place. If you do not know what you are doing when it comes to SEO, then your website could plummet in the rankings.
  5. Do they analyse your website? Do they know where your traffic is coming from or the bounce rate?
  6. Does your website designer/developer understand your business, your goals, and requirements?
  7. Do they advise you where to list your website to maximise coverage?
  8. Do they advise you on social media?
  9. Do they only offer shared hosting, shared hosting can have an impact on your website’s performance.
  10. Do they offer ongoing support?
  11. Are you able to review and navigate the website in development or are you just given mock-up images?
  12. Do they check the website for quality, ample content?
  13. Do they offer ecommerce solutions?
  14. Active Blogs - Will they advise you on writing blogs, and why it is important to keep content fresh on your website?
  15. Can they help with your logo and branding?
  16. Advise on testimonials and reviews – did their clients actually see an improvement in sales?
  17. Can they review and analyse your current website?
  18. Can they advise on a Google Ads Campaign?
  19. Are they futureproof?

All of the above are essential features to think about when employing a web designer / web developer. If you decide to go with a do-it-yourself platform, then you will miss out on at least 75% of the above. It needs to work for you and your business.

Your website is an investment, and you should receive a return. If it is built correctly and you have the right advice, then you should see conversion rates increase. A professional website designer should support you in all aspects of the process, as it is a reflection of their business too.

Your WEBSITE should be your BEST SALES PERSON.

For more detailed information on the above, have a read through our blog on Why you Should Hire a Professional Web Design Agency.

Also, if you would like a free no-obligation review of your current website, then click here.

Rokit Media is a modern web design agency based in Bishop's Stortford. We design modern bespoke websites, get in touch if you would like a NEW CUSTOM BUILT AMAZING WEBSITE.

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Posted: 19 May, 2021

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